About us

The shooting club «Ratnik» is not only rest and entertainment.

Here you will be taught to use correctly these firearms and we have all necessary for this purpose.

One of favorite entertainments, both men, and women is firing. There is the shooting club for such hobby in Khabarovsk. It is possible to shoot from the most various small arms in the center of Khabarovsk, without leaving it.

Here in shooting club «Ratnik» you will have a chance to have a good time and try yourself as the sniper.

The firearms captivates by the force and power. To keep in hand a cold heavy barrel is an incomparable feeling.

To shoot means to manage energy of a shot. Firing from the gun is an excellent method to relax, reduce stress and receive a lot of emotions and adrenaline!


Have you got a big group of tourists?

Perfect! Our experience in the organization of interesting leisure can't be revaluated, and visited once recommend us to the friends.

Our instructors have a wide experience of work. They will prompt, will teach, and will help to cope with uncertainty. And of course they will keep an eye that all shooters will be safe and happy!

You can be sure that it is very fascinating! Firearms of different models and calibers are as a set of desserts; each is rather well in its own way, each has the peculiarity.

Feelings from the first shot are great, especially, from the first which hit the mark … Firing captivates more than the TV, and gives to you adrenaline more than parachute jump. Nobody will be bored! And for absolute happiness we can hold a mini-tour for your company.

You will remember it for a long time! When you will have such an opportunity to shoot from our various arsenals, to feel an bumping push of recoil in a palm, inhale smells of firearm’s lubrication and the burned-down gunpowder?!

Certainly, by the end of a shooting part of celebration you can take a photo with all firearms you like. We can organize a photo-shoot with the professional photographer; memories it is great, but beautiful photos that you can be proud of are better, ever. Partners and competitors will only envy!


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club arsenal

The shooting club «Ratnik» have a wide choice of weapons.:



Handgun SIG Sauer Mosquito 22LR

Handgun  МР – 446 С «VIKING»

Handgun S-PMA (Makarov) 9 mm

Handgun  С – ТТ caliber 7,62х25 mm sample of 1933

Handgun Р226Т ТК – Pro

The submachine gun  SMG Shpagin Caliber 7,62х25 mm sample of 1941


2. assault rifles:

Kalashnikov assault rifle Luger (9х19)

Kalashnikov assault rifle AKM 7,62х39

Kalashnikov assault rifle 5,45х39


3. machine gun:

Degtyareva gun 7,62х54 mm sample of 1927


4. Rifles:

Rifle BI 7-3

Mosin's rifle (TO)

Tokarev Self-loading Rifle, Model of 1940 (SVT-40)


5. small-caliber rifle:

Small-caliber rifle  CZ 455

Self-loading hunting carbine Vepr-3V (VPO-134)


For details on each model of our arsenal

can be found in the relevant section of our website.

Khabarovsk city,  Sovetskaya str., 1.  Phone: +7 (4212) 65 00 19